If you think things are overwhelming and getting out of hand as you try to juggle too many tasks, then it’s time to outsource. Of course, you can simply delegate the task to other employees, but they also have their own tasks to fulfill. Finding and hiring new employees to train will also take time and money as you expand the number of your employees. You can’t afford that if you are a small business with limited resources.

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing, from more time to focus on your core business tasks to getting more profit since it’s cheaper to outsource than paying more people. Here are 5 steps to successful outsourcing.

Define the tasks

You need to clearly define what you want to outsource buy knowing what you do, what you want to do and what you do not want. You have to list them in columns. Let’s say you do Coding, Company Email, and Writing (blogging). You want to do Company Email and you don’t want Coding and Writing. Then those are the things you can delegate.


With the list of the things you want to delegate to an outsourcing company, you have to prioritize and determine the top 2 or 3 items. Make a list that on what you want to be done regarding these items. Outline it in the action steps on how these will be done. Make it simple that a person can easily understand and follow it.

Identify Your Ideal Outsourcing Company or Freelancer

Identify your ideal candidate. Know the skill areas and what level of skill do you require.

Shop Around

You can post a job and define what you are looking for depending on the task you want to delegate such as payroll or bookkeeping, then you can look for an outsourcing company which specializes in those areas. Conduct an interview to sort your options.

Let go

Once you have chosen your outsourcing company or freelancer, you need to avoid micromanagement. The main purpose is to let people do some of your jobs so you can have more time for more important activities to grow your business. If you hire the perfect expert, then you can expect that what you require will be delivered accordingly.

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