You may own a small business but it must not stop you from making a website to get more leads and convert them into actual sales. A website is your virtual office where your clients can visit you and get more information about your services or products.

More and more people are now getting mobile, they may be attached on the internet, but this does not mean that they are attached to their desktops. Most people search for products, services or companies with their smartphones. In fact, this has changed the buying cycle of many consumers. This is why you must have a company website no matter the size of your business.

Step 1: Choose Your Small Business Website’s Domain Name

Of course, you need to check if your business name is still available. Makes a search in domain search tools such as Bluehost. You will know if the domain you want is taken or still available. Consider .COM .NET or .INFO.

Step 2: Choose a Platform and Hosting

Decide where to host your website. Hosting is s service of storing your website and transmitting visitors to it. Fortunately, there are a handful of options.

Step 3: Outline Your Website Content

You may not have the full content yet, but you must at least have an outline on what you want to see on your website. Focus on your user, how you want them to perceive your brand and your tone. Do you want to be sleek and smart looking, or fund and bubbly?

Step 4: Decide on a Logo

You will need a logo. When you make a logo, make it simple and easy to recognize. If you do not have the skills to make a logo, you can outsource it from a freelancer who is an expert in creating logos.

Step 5: Design Your Website

Finally, you can now design your website with your chosen theme in WordPress. WordPress is free and you can start with free themes too. Make sure that it is easy to navigate and your users can easily find what they need. Include call-to-action buttons too.

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